Earthrise 600

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Light enough to be carried long distances but with sufficient warmth for early Spring and late Autumn this is a versatile and efficient bag using recycled fabrics and down.

Good Night's Sleep Temperature:
Comfort Limit:
Total Weight:
1070g / 38oz
Fill Weight:
582g / 21oz
Pack Size:
26cm x 23cm x 20cm
Check Size Guide for Details of All Lengths

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  • 100% recycled Earthrise shell and lining fabrics are lightweight and downproof
  • 582g of recycled down with a minimum content of 85/15 650 fill power
  • Alpine fit maximises thermal efficiency
  • Slanted Box-Wall baffles throughout
  • Mid-level side seams
  • 5 baffle anatomically shaped hood
  • 4 baffle anatomically shaped and offset foot-box
  • Full length Gemini™ zip baffle and integrated collar with Lode Lock™ closure
  • Supplied with waterproof roll-top stuff-sack and storage cube
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    Earthrise 600

    Length Inside (a) 190cm/75in 205cm/81in
    Max Width Inside (b) 75cm/30in 75cm/30in
    Inside Foot Width (c) 50cm/20in 50cm/20in
    Max User Height 185cm/73in 200cm/79in
    Total Bag Weight 1070g/37.7oz 1105g/39oz
    Packed HxWxD 26x23x20cm/10x9x8in 26x23x21cm/10x9x8in

    Down Cycle™

    Down Cycle™ is the next step in our journey towards a fully closed-loop recycling system. Every Earthrise product is filled with 100% recycled down, taking back used down products, recycling the down, and using it in our new Earthrise collection. Turning waste into warmth: what's the downside?

    Down 650

    We buy only the finest grade of recycled down, in excess of 650 fill power, guaranteeing not only an ethical purchase but a high performance one.

    • Mountain Equipment Earthrise Sleeping Bag


      By utilising slanted box-wall baffles throughout the entire main body of our Earthrise bags meaningful weight is removed from the bag’s structure.

      The use of mid-level side-seams affords great versatility whether the bag is laid on its front or back and this is also reflected in the distribution of fill which, whilst slightly favouring the top allows plenty of fill to remain in the underside, foot piece and hood.

    • Mountain Equipment Earthrise Sleeping Bag Recycled Fabric

      Recycled Inner/Outer Fabrics


      With the fantastic drape, softness and lustre usually associated only with fabrics made from virgin materials, our Earthrise fabrics are environmentally sound fabrics with a performance heritage. 20D yarns combine to make a very wind resistant, comfortable, and downproof fabric which has sustainability chops that are hard to beat. And, at 45 g/m2 it won’t weigh you down.


      Sustainability and performance combine in a soft, breathable and durable lining fabric that is 100 % recycled and weighs just 59 g/m2. Environmental benefits without sacrificing function or aesthetic.

    • Mountain Equipment Earthrise Sleeping Bag Recycled Down

      Recycled Down

      Our recycled down has exceptional environmental credentials while maintaining superb performance. Sourced from a European facility powered by solar power which sorts and separates post-consumer down and feather products that were otherwise destined for landfill. The down and feather is washed in a plant with extremely efficient water recycling, and then it is graded for quality. We buy only the finest grade of recycled down, in excess of 650 fill power, guaranteeing not only an ethical purchase but a high performance one.