Sleeping Bag Ranges

Each of our sleeping bag ranges has been developed with specific end uses and environmental conditions in mind. The models within each range provide various options including levels of warmth and different fits. To find the perfect sleeping bag for you, the best place to start is often to understand which ranges are best suited to your needs.

  • Extreme Expedition

    Built specifically for the needs of explorers and mountaineers undertaking committing journeys in the highest, coldest and most remote locations.

  • Extreme Alpine

    Lightweight expedition sleeping bags that redefine what is possible for those in need of high levels of protection and reliable warmth.

  • Extreme Light

    Advanced design and cutting edge fabric technology has opened up a new standard in superlight bag construction.

  • Glacier

    In a world of challengers, each of the Glacier models sits first among equals. Developed specifically to be best in class they offer true all-round performance and protection for unreliable conditions.

  • Helium

    Supremely comfortable and low in weight, Helium sleeping bags offer outstanding all-round performance for backpackers, cycle-tourers and trekkers.

  • Classic

    Ideally suited to self-supported travel, whether backpacking across Europe, trekking in the Himalaya or venturing through South America.

  • Aurora

    Specifically developed to excel in cold, damp and humid environments.

  • Starlight

    The ideal choice for use in unpredictable, damp or wet conditions. Light, compressible and durably warm, they combine layered construction with an anatomical hood and mountain comfort fit.